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How quickly do you see weight loss results with MariTide?

How quickly do you see weight loss results with MariTide?

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Updated on 12 Jun 2024

Amgen’s experimental obesity injection, MariTide, is stepping into the spotlight, challenging the dominance of established players like Novo Nordisk and Eli Lilly in the weight loss drug market. As a unique antibody-drug conjugate designed for monthly administration, MariTide targets obesity treatment by blocking the GIP receptor and mimicking the GLP-1 gut hormone, setting a new course for weight loss success.

Exploring the journey towards achieving weight loss success with MariTide provides a promising outlook. Lets delve into what MariTide is, its mechanism of action, its effectiveness, and how it compares with other treatments.

Understanding MariTide: What it is and how it works

MariTide, scientifically known as maridebart cafraglutide, has been developed by biotech company Amgen. This novel drug is engineered as a bispecific molecule. It uniquely combines a fully human monoclonal anti-human GIPR antagonist antibody with two GLP-1 analogue agonist peptides.

The dual mechanism of MariTide

The unique design of MariTide allows it to perform two critical functions simultaneously. Firstly, it blocks the GIP receptor. This action is crucial as it potentially enhances the body’s ability to break down sugar and fat, contributing to weight management. Secondly, by activating the GLP-1 receptor, MariTide mimics the natural gut hormone GLP-1, which is crucial in regulating appetite and insulin release.

The dual mechanism of MariTide not only differentiates it from existing obesity medications but also adds to its efficacy. Unlike other treatments that focus mainly on stimulating the GLP-1 receptor, MariTide’s extra ability to block the GIP receptor offers a new method for addressing obesity.

Administration and dosage

Another important advantage of MariTide is its potential for less frequent dosing. The drug is designed to be administered monthly via an autoinjector device, which is a significant improvement over the weekly injections required by current treatments like Wegovy and Zepbound. This could greatly enhance patient compliance.

Results from clinical trials

MariTide has shown promising results in Phase I clinical trials, demonstrating significant weight loss and an acceptable safety profile across various doses. The highest dose of MariTide resulted in a 14.5% reduction in body weight by day 85, compared to only a 1.5% reduction in those administered a placebo. Even at the lowest dose of 21 mg, participants saw a 7.4% reduction in body weight after just three doses, underscoring the drug’s potent effects across its dosing spectrum. These findings highlight MariTide’s potential as a powerful treatment in the fight against obesity.

Sustained weight loss

One of the standout features of MariTide is its potential to provide durable and sustained weight loss. In clinical trials, participants maintained significant weight loss for extended periods, even after the last dose. For instance, some participants maintained their weight loss for up to 150 days following stopping drug treatment. This sustained effect is particularly noteworthy as it suggests that MariTide could offer long-term benefits and help prevent the common rebound weight gain associated with other weight loss medications.

Safety and tolerability profile

MariTide’s safety profile has been closely monitored throughout its clinical trials. The most common side effects reported were gastrointestinal issues, such as mild nausea and vomiting, which were generally well tolerated by participants. The incidence of these side effects did not lead to discontinuation in most cases, indicating that MariTide could be a good option for long-term treatment.

Comparison with other treatments

When compared to other leading FDA-approved GLP-1 drugs like Wegovy and Zepbound, MariTide has shown potential for greater efficacy. For example, while participants in clinical trials for Wegovy and Zepbound experienced significant weight loss, studies have indicated a tendency for rapid weight regain after stopping those medications. In contrast, MariTide’s effects appear to be more lasting, potentially allowing patients to achieve and maintain their weight loss goals more effectively.

Ongoing research into MariTide

The ongoing Phase 2 research trial is exploring the efficacy of a less intensive dosing regimen. This study aims to assess whether lower and less frequent doses of MariTide can still produce significant weight loss, which could enhance patient compliance.

How quickly can you expect weight loss results with MariTide?

MariTide’s weight loss results can be seen relatively quickly compared to other treatments, with some early-stage study participants experiencing up to 14.5% reduction in body weight within just 12 weeks. This rapid onset of effectiveness is a significant advantage for those seeking immediate results in their weight management journey.

Key points on weight loss timing with MariTide

  • Rapid Initial Weight Loss: Patients in the early stages of MariTide treatment can expect substantial weight loss. In clinical trials, the highest dose led to significant reductions in body weight in a relatively short period
  • Sustainability of Weight Loss: Beyond the initial weight loss, MariTide has shown potential for maintaining weight reduction. Some patients were able to sustain their lower weight for up to 150 days after discontinuing the medication, indicating its long-term efficacy
  • Dosing Flexibility: The dosing regimen of MariTide may be adjusted over time. It is designed to be reduced down and taken less frequently, which can sustain the weight loss benefits while enhancing user convenience and compliance

Comparing MariTide with other obesity drug treatments

In Phase 1 studies, participants using MariTide experienced up to nearly 15% reduction in their initial body weight within just three months. This is comparable to, and in some cases exceeds, the results seen with other leading treatments:

  • Oral semaglutide: Users lost up to 15% of their initial body weight after about 15 months
  • Retatrutide (Injectable): Showed potential weight loss of up to 24% after about 11 months
  • CagriSema (Combination Injectable): Resulted in significant weight loss, more than either cagrilintide or semaglutide alone

Dosing frequency

One of the standout features of MariTide is its dosing convenience. Designed for potentially monthly administration, MariTide offers a significant advantage in terms of patient compliance and ease of use compared to:

Mechanism of action

MariTide’s dual mechanism, blocking the GIP receptor while activating the GLP-1 receptor, sets it apart from most other treatments which typically target only the GLP-1 receptor. This innovative approach could offer a broader therapeutic impact, particularly for patients who have not responded adequately to traditional GLP-1 agonists.


As MariTide continues to be researched it presents a beacon of hope for millions challenged with obesity. Its unique properties and promising weight loss results mean MariTide could make a significant impact on the weight loss drug market. Its innovative approach to tackling obesity through a dual mechanism, along with the convenience of less frequent dosing, sets it apart as a potential game-changer in weight management strategies.


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