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Genetic Medicines Test

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Your DNA can influence your ability to process certain medications. So, if you’ve ever wondered why your medication doesn’t seem to be working for you or why you’re prone to getting side-effects from certain medications, then you may benefit from our at-home Genetic Medicines Test. The test is simple and involves you providing a saliva sample. Once our labs have analysed your sample, we then produce a report for you that details how you respond to certain medications. This can inform your doctor to changes to your medication, or changes to your dose. This is personalised medicine.

Give me an example of why this service may suit me?

In psychiatry, the selection of antipsychotics and antidepressants is generally led by a trial-and-error approach. The prescribing of these medications is complicated by suboptimal efficacy and high rates of adverse drug reactions (ADRs). This means your therapy may not be working as expected. PGx results can guide the prescriber to optimize the dosing and ensure that therapy is both effective and personalized to you. This is effectively the science behind personalized medicine.

How do the Genetics Medicine Tests work?

Step 1

Go to the dashboard of your account

NowPatient's Genetic Medicines Test dashboard
Step 2

If you are eligible for a PGx test, you will find it in the ‘recommended for me’ section

Nowpatient mobile app for genetic medicines testing.
Step 3

Simply select the test and checkout

NowPatient's Genetic Medicines Test checkout
Step 4

Take your sample

We will send you a DNA buccal kit, which will have instructions on how to collect your DNA. This is a non-invasive procedure, and we just need your buccal saliva sample.

NowPatient's Genetic Medicines Test Isohelix test kit
Step 5

Post the sample back to our laboratory using the secure pre-paid envelope provided

NowPatient's Genetic Medicines Test kit in a package
Step 6

Your results are back

When we have processed your results, they will appear ‘locked’ in your documents section. You will be prompted to book a virtual consultation with one of our genetic counselors.

NowPatient's Genetic Medicines Test locked results
Step 7

During the consultation, the clinician will explain the results and answer any questions you may have

NowPatient's Genetic Medicines Test consultation
Step 8

At the end of the consultation, your results will be unlocked so you can download them and share them with your doctor if required

NowPatient's Genetic Medicines Test results

What are the benefits of the service?



Limiting adverse effects

If there is a change in your DNA that causes the gene to produce fewer proteins then your body could break some medications down slower leading to a higher chance of side effects as the medications ‘builds up’.

Therapeutic Efficacy

If your body is producing too many of these proteins then you might work through medications too quickly to really get a benefit from them.

PGx results are Life-long results

These results are life-long results. However, as tests change and new genes are researched you may be asked or want to perform further PGx testing in the future. The laboratory reference sheet at the end of the report will be your best resource for determining if other testing could provide benefits.

Benefit outside of initially ordered indication

Some genes, like CYP2D6 and CYP2C19, can provide information on multiple drug classes. For instance, these same genes can be involved in antidepressant medications, opioid pain medications, antipsychotics, proton pump inhibitors, and nerve pain medications.

What are the limitations of the service?



Does not cover all medications

This test does not tell us about all drugs, only certain drugs that are broken down in the liver. Some medications are broken down and are removed from the body by our kidneys. Others are broken down by enzymes not evaluated by this test.

Negative Predictive Test (NPT)

It is possible that the results of the testing will not help you and your physician in managing your care. Even if we narrow down the choices based on the results, it doesn’t guarantee that those medicines will work for you. There may still be some trial and error.

Only one part of the medication selection process

Keep in mind that genetics is one of many factors taken into consideration when selecting a medication. Depending on the medication, drug–drug interactions, kidney and liver function, age, weight, and diet, just to name a few, can also play a role.

May not catch rare variations

PGx testing does not evaluate the entire gene. We look for changes that are known to affect how you respond to a drug. You may have a change in your genes that we are not looking for. If that happens, you could have a “normal” test result, and still have changes in how you respond to medications. As more research is completed, different tests may be available in the future.

Genes with limited evidence

The PGx test we use gives us the results for many genes. Our clinic will only make recommendations for genes that have enough research to help us select medications. The genes we do not talk about today may become important in the future as research develops.

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