Genetic Medicines Test

Genetic Medicines Test

Through a simple at-home test, we analyse your genes to provide insights into your body’s ability to process certain medications which can help your doctor narrow down medication choices and tailor your dosing.

Genetic Medicine Test

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How it works

Step 1

Go to the tools page. Select Genetic Medicines Test. You can select the star icon on the tool and this will create a shortcut on your dashboard for ease of future use.

A smartphone screen displaying a health app's "Tools" section with options for genetic medicines test and home health testing. The background is pink with a shield pattern.
Step 2

If we have your medication records, we can check to see if you would benefit from the service. If you do qualify, the recommendation will be visible in ‘My Notifications’ on your dashboard. Alternatively, you can use the action button ‘Check eligibility’ to see if your medication qualifies

Two smartphones display a health app. The app shows a notification about a genetic medicines test, mentioning the CYP2D6 genetic mutation and the need to adjust medication doses.
Step 3

If your medication qualifies for the service, add the recommended test to your cart

A smartphone screen displays a shopping cart for a GYP2D6 gene panel costing £249, with options to adjust quantity and remove item. A green "Purchase" button and "Next step Delivery details" are shown below.
Step 4

After you have checked out, your Genetic Medicine Test order will be processed and dispatched. The tracking code will appear in ‘My Notifications’

Mobile app screen showing a notification about a genetic medicines test with ID 83203124587 being dispatched. Status: Dispatched. Tracking code: UK232IR23123. Various icons are displayed at the top.
Step 5

When we receive your test sample back, we will notify you in ‘My Notifications’

A smartphone screen displaying a notification for a "Genetic Medicines Test" with status "Received" and tracking code "UK232IR23123." The background is pink with a subtle pattern.
Step 6

Our laboratory will now process your sample. When the results are ready, you will be notified and prompted to book a consultation with a Genetic Medicine Test clinician. Results can take up to 10 working days to process, from the point we receive your sample back.

A smartphone screen displays a health app with a notification about Genetic Medicines Test results and a prompt to book a consultation. The background is pink with a subtle shield pattern.
Step 7

Select a time and date for the consultation. You can also choose your preferred language

A smartphone screen displaying a medical consultation scheduling app with options for selecting a consultation time, language, and service type against a pink patterned background.
Step 8

You will now see a list of clinicians who are specially trained to provide the service that you have chosen. You can filter clinicians by gender. Once you have selected your clinician, you will be able to confirm the booking and add the appointment date to your calendar

Mobile app interface showing a list of available clinicians filtered by gender. The screen lists Dr. Dan Cheung, Pharmacist, and Dr. A.N. Other, Clinician, with their respective appointment times.
Step 9

You will receive an email and notification reminder, 30 minutes before the consultation starts. You will also be able to track your consultation in ‘My Consultations’ located on your dashboard

A smartphone screen displays a medical app with a "Genetic Medicines Test" consultation scheduled for May 22, 2024, under the "My Consultations" section. The background is pink with faint shield icons.
Step 10

Your clinician will explain any changes, called variants, in the gene that was tested. The clinician will also discuss how this may affect your medication including any advisories which will be sent to your doctor for action, with your consent

A smartphone screen displays a video call between a man wearing a headset and a woman. The man has a label that reads "Dr. A.N.Other." The background is a pink pattern.
Step 11

At the end of the consultation, your clinician will unlock your results and a copy of any referrals sent to your doctor. They will appear in ‘My Documents’ located on your dashboard

A smartphone screen displaying a notification for genetic medicines test results, with an option to view test results. The background is pink with shield icons.
Step 12

You can now view, download or print your test results

A smartphone screen displays a pharmacogenomic report identified by Test ID 850058614. The report includes patient details, a list of medications, and various summaries and details related to the test.

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