Rx Advantage Card

Rx Advantage Card

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It’s FREE and simple to use. Just search your medication by downloading our App and find the best price at a pharmacy near you. The card is stored in your account and you can present it to the pharmacy of your choice to start enjoying savings of up to 90%. You can use the card at over 65,000 pharmacies nationwide.

Unlike traditional discount card programs which charge high hidden fees and artificially inflate the cost of your drugs, our card is transparent, giving consistent low prices, without any hidden fees.

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How it works

  • Step 1US Flag
    Create your account

    Create your account

    Download the App or use your web browser to securely create an account using your email

  • Step 2US Flag
    Search for your medication

    Search for your medication

    Search for your medication. You will see the prices available and a map of the local pharmacies that accept our card

  • Step 3US Flag
    Generate savings card

    Generate savings card

    You can generate your NowPatient Rx Advantage Card and it will be added to your account!

  • Step 4US Flag
    Start saving on your medication

    Start saving on your medication

    Take your NowPatient Rx Advantage Card to your pharmacy of choice and pay for and collect your medication

  • Step 5US Flag
    It doesn’t end here

    It doesn’t end here

    Now patient is packed with useful features such as Free symptoms checker, health education resources, private testing services, and lots more

What is the NowPatient Rx Advantage Card?

The NowPatient Rx Advantage Card is a prescription savings card. Discount Savings cards are tools that can help patients save money by lowering the cost of branded and generic prescription medications when paying without insurance. The card is FREE to use at over 65,000 pharmacies across America. The NowPatient Rx Advantage Card is available to use for everyone, whether you have health insurance or not.

How to use the Rx Advantage Card feature in the app

Step 1

Go to the features section of your account and locate the NowPatient Rx Advantage Card feature

The now patient app is displayed on a mobile phone, featuring the Rx Advantage Card and other features
Step 2

Select your medication using the search function and hit ‘find best price’

NowPatient's Rx Advantage Card searching for medication
Step 3

Next, select the dosage, quantity, and your zip code

NowPatient's Rx Advantage Card confirming medication dosage and quantity
Step 4

Compare the prices

You will be presented with a map and a list of pharmacies in your area that accept our card. It will also show the prices that each pharmacy will charge.

NowPatient's Rx Advantage Card showing pharmacies near me
Step 5

Select the pharmacy you would like to use

NowPatient's Rx Advantage Card showing a pharmacy near me
Step 6

Generate your card

You will be prompted to generate and add your virtual card to the documents section of your account.

A mobile phone screen displaying the NowPatient Rx Advantage Card.
Step 7

Use your card

Take your prescription to the pharmacy and simply present the virtual Rx Advantage Card* that’s saved on your device. Then collect and pay for your prescription.

*This card is not a health insurance program and cannot be combined with any other third-party insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid

Nowpatient Rx Advantage Card

Who might benefit from the NowPatient Rx Advantage Card?


Uninsured individuals will always benefit

Commercially Covered

Commercially insured individuals will benefit:

  • If the drug is not covered in their plan formulary

  • If they are in deductible

  • If they have an insurance copay

Medicare Covered

The NowPatient Rx Advantage Card is a prescription savings card and is not insurance. Our card cannot be used in conjunction with any federal or state-funded program such as Medicare or Medicaid. However, our card can be used by Medicare enrollees.

Medicare enrollees could benefit:

  • If the drug is not covered in their plan formulary
  • If they are in the deductible or donut hole

There are some drawbacks for Medicare enrollees who choose to use the NowPatient Rx Advantage Card. These include:

  • Discount cards will not move the patient through their deductible/accumulator

  • Insurance checks for drug-drug interactions are not possible if the claim is processed outside the plan

  • Medicare patients cannot use a discount card (or a coupon) in conjunction with their Medicare insurance

Which medications are covered by the NowPatient Rx Advantage Card?

We can help you save on most medications.

Can the card be used in every pharmacy?

The NowPatient Rx Advantage Card is accepted in over 65,000 pharmacies, nationwide. You will see which pharmacies accept our card, when you search your medication.

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People also asked

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