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10 ways to try and swerve the flu this Autumn

10 ways to try and swerve the flu this Autumn

13 Dec 2018
Rajive Patel
Rajive Patel B.Pharm
Medical Writer

1. Eat well

The cold weather can make us want to comfort eat, especially processed junk food. Try and avoid fatty, unhealthy food and opt for lots of fruit and veg (at least 5 pieces a day) packed with healthy vitamins to give your body a well-deserved boost.

2. Exercise

Exercise helps to make your white blood cells (the ones which fight infections) travel through your body faster and do their jobs better, so make sure you’re doing at least 30mins of exercise three times a week to keep your body in the best condition.

3. Don’t bite your nails

Your nails are a breading ground for germs, so the more you nibble, the more chance you have of developing the infections or the flu.

4. Wash your hands

Wash your hands frequently, especially after eating and using the toilet. A good clean on about 1secs with soap is the best. I’d recommend carrying a little bottle of hand sanitizer to use regularly, to keep germs at bay, especially when travelling on public transport and working at a desk (keyboards are riddled with germs!)

5. Stop stressing

Stress has a huge impact on your body and can play its role in making you more susceptible to getting ill.


6. Get 8 hours of sleep

Lack of sleep can weaken your immune system, making you more susceptible to illness.

7. Cut down on your booze

The more you drink the weaker your immune system is and that is when flu and cols will attack. So, cut down on your booze intake.

8. Get your flu jab

If you’re offered the flu jab (mainly over 50s and those with chronic illnesses), then make sure you get it. It’ll give you a stronger chance of fighting off the flu.

9. Take your vitamins

It’s vital to get your RDA for vitamin E and other antioxidants including A, C and B-complex vitamins and minerals and they have properties that enhance immune response.

10. Don’t smoke

Smoke paralyses the cilia, the hair-like cells lining the nose and airways that sweep incoming viruses away before they can infect.

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