Medicines Order Line

Medicines Order Line

2 Dec 2022
Stefano Mirabello
Stefano Mirabello
Medical Writer

Are you frustrated ordering your medication on a dedicated medicines order line that is constantly busy? Now Patient is like having a medicines order line in your pocket. It allows you to take control of your medicines, saves you time, delivers straight to your door and is free of charge.

Now Patient connects directly with their GP through the NHS. This means your medication records are ‘accessed’ from the NHS and will be viewable on the App. From within the App, you will be able to place orders for the medications you require. This request is sent directly to your GP practice, without the need to ring a prescription medicines order line (MOL) eliminating the need for phone calls or callbacks during busy times.

When approved, the prescription is electronically sent to Now Patient, and it can be safely dispensed and delivered by us. Now Patient is like having a medicines order line in your pocket so you will always know the status of your order. Read on to find out exactly how the ordering process works in more depth.

1. Download the App and Register (2-3 mins)

The easiest way to do this is to download the NowPatient App to your phone or mobile device. Downloading the App not only allows you to order your repeat medication online but also access services like consultations in a real-time setting and other health services.

You may call us on 0808 301 3552 if you do not have a smartphone.

The registration process is a simple 3 step process:

Step 1 Prescription preference

This step confirms by registering that you choose Now Pharmacy (our pharmacy) to dispense and deliver your repeat prescriptions and it is your nominated pharmacy. This step allows confirms that Now Patient (Info health pharmacy) can access your summary care records

Step 2 Exemption or no exemption

The second step is to check if you are entitled to free NHS prescriptions, 90% of NHS prescriptions are dispensed free of charge. You simply select the category that is relevant to you and move on to Step 3.


Step 3 Personal information

This final step of registering involves gathering personal information about you so we have accurate information stored e.g. name, date of birth, contact telephone number, registered GP practise or health centre.

You will receive an email verification code to input into the app and registration is complete.

2. We upload your repeat prescriptions to the app

Once you have registered Now Patient will upload a list of your repeat prescriptions to the app. We get this information from your NHS summary care record (which is why we ask for your approval to do this during the registration process).

This process usually takes less than 48 hours but in periods of peak demand, it may take a little longer. We will send you an email and in-app push notification when it is complete, and prescription requests can now be put through.

3. You order your medications (2-3mins)

Once you have received an email or notification you are now ready to order your medications. Just log in, tap the medicines that have been prescribed by your GP and let us know where you want them delivered.

If you don’t have a smartphone you are still able to order but it will take a little longer. You will have to go to your GP or a simple telephone call to them to send the repeat prescription request to us. We will then dispense and deliver your medications.

4. Your GP signs off the prescriptions (up to 3 working days)

Now Patient works using the NHS’s Electronic Prescription Service (EPS). EPS allows GPs to send their prescriptions electronically to your chosen pharmacy.

Every electronic prescription that a pharmacy dispenses must be approved by your GP. But don’t worry, you don’t have to do anything. We liaise directly with your GP to get the prescription signed off so we can finalise your order.

5. We pick and send the items

Now Pharmacy has a state-of-the-art national dispensing facility where our robots quickly pick out the medications you need and hand them to our friendly (human!) pharmacists for a thorough check before we send them out to you.

6. The medicines are delivered to your door

Now Patient will send the medicines you ordered to an address of your choice. Free delivery is all part of the service, so it won’t cost you anything. If you have 3 or more items sent to you and the package is too large to fit through the letterbox, we will deliver them to you using a courier service and send a text so you know when to expect them. All this is always free of charge.

7. You access the full range of Now Patient’s services

Once you have completed your first order of medication with Now Patient you can then access every part of our app. You’ll then need to order again next month (for patient safety, every order must be requested by you and approved by your GP before we can send it out), but don’t worry about not remembering. Our app lets you set automatic reminders e.g. when you have 7 days of medication left, so you’ll never forget to order your medication again.

The Now Patient app allows you to order repeat prescriptions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including bank holidays. You also have access to online services such as online consultations and other health services once you are registered with the app.

Take control of your health today.

Now Patient is the UK’s first regulated digital health service that uses predictive analytics and artificial intelligence to provide you with personalised care and resources that can help improve your health outcomes, FREE of charge.

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Can I register with my NHS Login credentials?
Now Patient is connected directly with the NHS. This means you can use your existing NHS login credentials to create an account. Simply login to the service using the NHS blue login button. With NHS login, you can immediately unlock all the features of Now Patient.