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The sexfluencers index

The sexfluencers index

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Medically reviewed by Stefano Mirabello, BPharm and written by Rajive Patel, BPharm - Updated on 4 Dec 2023
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The sexfluencers index, identifying the most prominent influencers talking about sex.

Who are the most prominent influencers talking about sex?


In the age of social media, the new stars that many of us follow are influencers rather than traditional celebrities. These influencers cover just about every niche imaginable, from serious topics like mental health to hobbies such as baking, gardening or video games. Now another type of influencer is surging in popularity and addressing a part of our lives that is often considered taboo or difficult to talk about: sex.

These “sexfluencers” are leading the way in opening up discussions about sexuality, body positivity, dating, sexual health and self-love, making the world of sex much more accessible to people all over the world. By countering myths and normalising sex, these influencers are helping people feel comfortable in their bodies and empowering them to talk about sex with their friends and loved ones.

However, many people may still be new to this concept and not know where to start looking for a sexfluencer that resonates with them and their sexual journey. To help crack open this new genre of social media star, we’ve put together an index of some of the world’s most popular sexfluencers on Instagram.

We’ll be looking at the sex influencers who could be earning the most per sponsored post, putting them at the very top of the industry, while also identifying those with the most engaging content, making them well worth a follow.

It’s no secret that the most popular influencers can earn a tidy sum by posting sponsored content on their social media accounts, and this is no different for sexfluencers. As a rule of thumb, the more followers an account has, the greater the earning potential for the influencer, although other factors such as likes and engagement rates are also taken into account.

With that in mind, these are the sexfluencers with the highest earning potential based on their Instagram following and engagement.

  1. Dr. Tanaya Narendra   Potential earnings per sponsored post: $4,112.50

            dr_cuterus                                                                             830,000 followers

Dr. Tanaya Narendra, known on Instagram as Dr. Cuterus, is a qualified doctor who trained at Oxford University and now runs a hugely popular sexual health account alongside her day-to-day medical career.

From debunking myths around sexual health to promoting body positivity and giving advice to people with little to no sexual experience, the content found on this channel is informative, factual, and very easy to understand. With content aimed at both men and women, Dr. Tanaya’s friendly and reassuring tone makes sexual health a much less daunting subject for all her followers.

  1. Leeza Mangaldas        Potential earnings per sponsored post: $3,771.25

leezamangaldas                                                                    765,000 followers

Leeza Mangaldas is one of India’s most popular influencers, with as many as 765,000 followers. Much of her content focuses on sex positivity and advice for getting the most out of sex. Her videos frequently address different ways of having sex, how to use various forms of contraception, and answering many commonly asked questions surrounding sex.

Leeza’s own personal brand of humour permeates her videos, and much of her content is meant to be lighthearted and entertaining, helping to break down the awkwardness of discussing such an intimate topic.

  1. Seema Anand              Potential earnings per sponsored post: $3,006.25

seemaanandstorytelling                                                         616,000 followers

Seema Anand is a London-based author and a recognised authority on the Karma Sutra and Eastern Erotology, among other subjects. She has also become a prominent influencer, having amassed a huge following thanks to her open and honest approach to talking about sex. Seema’s frank yet friendly approach lets her sense of humour shine through as she busts myths and gives great advice for maintaining a healthy and pleasurable sex life.

Just because an influencer has a large following, doesn’t mean their content is the best quality. Often smaller influencers with more personal input and creative freedom produce some of the most engaging content on social media. By looking at the average engagement rates of our various sexfluencers, we can see which are the best at producing top-quality content that will have you liking, commenting and following their accounts.

  1. Alayna Joy                                             Engagement Rate: 7.44%

            missfenderr                                                                 75,000 followers

Alayna Joy is a Canadian influencer who produces mostly LGBTQ+ content and frequently discusses her own journey of sexual discovery. Much of her sex-related content is posted on her YouTube channel, where she discusses various aspects of her sexuality in a friendly and informal manner. Alayna’s Instagram account is a mix of her own personal life and interests, such as bouldering, with some sex-related content thrown into the mix.

  1. Leeza Mangaldas                                           Engagement Rate: 7.38%

            leezamangaldas                                                           765,000 followers

Leeza Mangaldas’s content has not only earned her a huge following on social media, but it is also some of the most engaging content out there with an engagement rate of 7.38%. Her willingness to frankly discuss just about any sex-related topic keeps her content fresh and her followers coming back for more.

  1. Hannah Witton                                                Engagement Rate: 7.36%

            hannahwitton                                                               227,000 followers

The sexfluencer with the third-highest engagement rate on Instagram is Hannah Witton, who creates informative content surrounding sex, relationships and sexual health, covering topics from STI myths to discussing sex toys and specific sex acts. Recently, however, much of Hannah’s content is focused on her pregnancy, delivering an honest view of what being pregnant is like and how she deals with the changes it brings.


We wanted to find out which sexfluencers are the biggest on Instagram, including which have the highest earning potential and which produce the most engaging content. To do this, we created a long list of influencers who discuss topics around sex and have a presence on Instagram, sourcing them from various online publications including Glamour MagazineMissguided, and Vogue.

We then found each of our sexfluencers’ Instagram accounts and recorded the number of followers before using Influencer Marketing Hub’s “Instagram Influencer Sponsored Post Money Calculator” to find out their potential earnings per sponsored post and average engagement rates.

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