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Member Measure 2024

Member Measure 2024

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Created on 31 May 2024
Updated on 16 Jul 2024

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People worldwide spend a lot of time, effort, and money transforming their bodies for various reasons, such as mental or physical health and well-being and looking more attractive or desirable in their own perception. These efforts can range from new skincare routines and working out to plastic surgery.

However, one body part men can worry about more than any is one that is rarely seen by most people in the world, their penis. Whether people are concerned about the size or the shape of their member, some people will worry about theirs or compare it to others.

If you are worried about your penis, there are many treatments available from doctors or through an online pharmacy for conditions such as erectile dysfunction. However, structurally changing a penis is a much bigger and rarer procedure.

While you may worry about your body’s size or shape, it is important to understand that everyone’s bodies are different and beautiful in their own way. Having said that, we wanted to discover which countries have the biggest size on average. By studying data from across the globe, we can reveal the countries with the biggest sizes.

Sudanese men have the largest penises on average

Before getting into which countries have the largest penis sizes, it’s important to know that the sources used include self-reported data. This means there’s every chance that people giving their penis measurements may have exaggerated the size in some way.

However, the data can still give us a general idea of average penis sizes around the world.

Chart listing countries with the largest average erect penis lengths, featuring top 5: Sudan (7.07"), DR Congo (7.06"), Ecuador (6.93"), Republic of the Congo (6.89"), and Ghana (6.81"). This Member Measure provides a detailed look at global statistics.


1. Sudan – average erect length of 7.07 inches

Sudanese men can brag about being the proud owners of the largest penises in the world on average. The average penis length in the North African nation is one of just two countries over seven inches, which means the Sudanese can exude big dick energy (BDE) when walking down the street, safe in the knowledge they can back it up.

2. DR Congo – average erect length of 7.06 inches

The only other nation with an average penis size larger than seven inches is the Democratic Republic of Congo. Whilst the nation was formally known as Zaire, it hosted the Rumble in the Jungle heavyweight boxing match between George Foreman and Muhammed Ali. Ali was famous for exuding big dick energy throughout his life, and in the Congo, he was in good company.

3. Ecuador – average erect length of 6.93 inches

Ecuador has the third largest penises in the world and the largest on average outside of the continent of Africa. The South American nation is famous for its coastline, stunning scenery and wildlife around the Galapagos Islands, but now they can add large penises to their list of things to boast about.

Thai men have the shortest penises in the world


Chart listing countries with the smallest average erect penis lengths, featuring Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal, Myanmar, and Laos. Below, this Member Measure ranks other nations including Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and South Korea.


1. Thailand – average erect length of 3.71 inches

The average penis size in Thailand is almost half that of those in Sudan, and overall Thai men have an average size of less than four inches. Thailand is famous for its stunning beaches and tourism scene, but one thing they won’t be advertising in travel agents is their penis size!

2. Cambodia – average erect length of 3.87 inches

The Southeast Asian nation of Cambodia has a small average penis size of just 3.87 inches. Although this is 0.16 inches longer than their Thai neighbours, it is still one of the smallest in the world.

3. Nepal – average erect length of 3.93 inches

Nepal is the country with the third shortest penises on average, the Himalayan nation is known for its mountainous scenery, but one thing that isn’t towering is what’s between their legs.

Venezuelan penises are almost 30% bigger than two years ago

Bar chart showing Member Measure of average erect penis lengths from 2022 to 2024 in ten countries, with an increase in all listed countries. Venezuela, DR Congo, and Nigeria have the highest percent changes.

1. Venezuela – increase in average penis size of 27.05%

 There has been an increase in the reported average penis size in Venezuela of over 27% between 2022 and 2024. In 2022, the average erect length was 5.25 inches, which has shot up to 6.67 inches this year.

2. DR Congo – increase in average penis size of 23.86%

DR Congo reported the second biggest penis sizes overall, and they have also seen the second biggest increase in the average penis size since 2022. In the African nation, the average size increased from 5.70 to 7.06.

 3. Nigeria – increase in average penis size of 18.2%

In Nigeria, the average penis size in 2022 was 5.66 inches, but this has increased to 6.69 inches in 2024. That’s a growth of almost 20%!

Italian penises are almost 20% smaller than two years ago

Bar chart showing changes in average member measure from 2022 to 2024 in inches for 10 countries. Notable increases in Thailand, Honduras, and Bolivia; decreases in Vietnam, Canada, and Egypt.

1. Italy – decrease in average penis size of 18.54%

At the other end of the scale, the average reported penis size in Italy has decreased by almost 20%. Back in 2022, Italians had an average penis length of over six inches, but this has shrunk to less than five today.

2. South Korea – decrease in average penis size of 17.95%

South Korean average penis size has decreased massively since 2022, with it being almost 18% lower. Two years ago, the average was 5.18 inches but this has stooped as low as 4.25 inches in 2024.

 3. Thailand – decrease in average penis size of 17.74%

As previously established, Thailand has the smallest average penis size in the world. However, this was not always the case, as there has been a 17.74% decrease in the average size between 2022 when it was 4.51 inches and 2024, when it was just  3.71 inches.

Average breast sizes around the world

A world map showing average breast sizes by country, with colors ranging from light pink (A cup) to dark purple (C-D cup) indicating different sizes. This member measure highlights variations across regions, though some areas have no data available.

Data on breast sizes in different parts of the world shows that the average cup size ranges from AA to D. The largest average breast sizes tend to be found in Europe, while African and southeast Asian countries have smaller cup sizes on average.

People in the US and UK have some of the biggest cup sizes. This, paired with higher average BMIs of 29 and 27.1, respectively, means that the countries are home to some of the biggest breasts in the world.

Are people in the UK worried about their penis and breast sizes?

Infographic showing the average bra cup size in the UK as C, featuring a stylized human torso and a member measure button.

The image depicts the average erect penis length in the UK as 5.63 inches, with a banana and corn cob superimposed on the lower part of a human silhouette to measure and compare the member's size visually.


When people are worried about intimate details about themselves, what do they turn to? That’s right, the internet. We’ve looked into search volumes for phrases like “is my penis too small?” and “how to know if your breasts are too small” to find out if the nation is second-guessing their anatomy.

There are 74,160 annual searches in the UK for terms relating to small penises and even people worrying about having a micropenis. There are even 70 searches per month for the question, “why is my penis small?”.

Whereas there are 55,320 searches for terms relating to small breasts made by UK residents — just over 29% fewer than searches about small penises.

Why penis and breast size doesn’t matter

While it’s interesting to explore data on worldwide penis and breast sizes, it’s important to remember that size really doesn’t matter in a medical sense.

However, we understand how these measurements can impact your self-confidence. So there is one thing to remember: Everybody is different. This is especially true when it comes to attraction and preferences. Just like how some people prefer different fashion styles, eye colours, or characteristics in a partner, some people are more attracted to larger penises or breasts, while others prefer smaller ones.


  • We used World Population Review to get the figures for average penis size per country and average breast size per country.
  • We compared penis sizes to the same source data from 2022 to see the difference in reported size.
  • We used Ahrefs to find the search volumes for phrases such as ‘are [size] breasts too small’ and ‘is my penis too small’.

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