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Global proposal index

Global proposal index

30 Jun 2023
Stefano Mirabello Medical Reviewer
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The most romantic cities to propose in

Proposing to your significant other requires much thought and consideration. You might go for more personal and traditional proposals or bigger and more public displays of affection, but whatever you’re planning the location is a key factor to consider.

So, will it be a restaurant, seaside, or park? Wherever you are, this list will let you know where in the world, and where within the US, is the best place to consider proposing at.

This list, created by the experts here at Now Patient, ranks the top 50 most visited cities in the world by the number of romantic restaurants, romantic hotels, and couples activities on Tripadvisor, to find which city has the most to offer when you are planning your proposal, no matter how big or small you intend it to be.

We also investigated Instagram hashtags relevant to proposals to see which of these cities are the most popular places to propose in according to Instagram.

The best places to propose in the world

1. Rome

Romantic hotels: 684

Couples attractions: 854

Romantic dining: 1,370

Proposal Rank /10: 9.73

The most romantic city on our list is the capital city of Italy. Rome offers a truly unique and romantic experience, with no shortage of historical landmarks and charming piazza restaurants. Rome offers the largest choice when it comes to romantic hotels, with almost 700 to choose from. There are a huge number of activities for you and your partner too: cross the River Tiber on the historic Ponte Sisto, tour the Renaissance masterpieces in the Vatican Museums, or throw coins into the Trevi Fountain, one of the most famous fountains in the world. Be sure to bring a big appetite on your trip to Rome, as Italy is world-renowned for its incredible food. Its national dish is pizza which is sure to keep even the fussiest eaters happy.

2. Paris

Romantic hotels: 551

Couples attractions: 599

Romantic dining: 1,497

Proposal Rank /10: 9.66

Paris, home to the Eiffel Tower and capital of France, is the second-best city to consider proposing in. Long known as one of the romantic capitals of the world, Paris offers lots of everything when it comes to romantic hotels, restaurants, and activities. Discreet secret gardens, tree-lined streets, and gothic cathedrals set the intimate atmosphere, and with charming cafes and sultry bars you can expect a truly romantic evening in Paris. There is also plenty to do and Paris even offers a museum fully dedicated to French romanticism.

3. London

Romantic hotels: 150

Couples attractions: 1,059

Romantic dining: 1,874

Proposal Rank /10: 9.32

We’re sure you expected to see both Rome and Paris at the top of this list, but London in third place may come as a surprise as it is not often considered one of the world’s most romantic cities. London offers the largest choice when it comes to both couples activities and romantic restaurants, all of which are surrounded by gorgeous architecture and incredible history. London offers cozy wine bars, quaint streets, and an abundance of green spaces, making it an ideal destination for a romantic day out.

The most romantic us cities to propose in


1. New York

Romantic hotels: 84

Couples attractions: 747

Romantic dining: 1,005

Proposal Rank /10: 8.64

New York City really offers everything when it comes to romantic-themed trips. With a gorgeous skyline, beautiful parks, and over 1000 romantic restaurants, there is something here for every kind of romantic. Enjoy the iconic view from the empire state building, a long stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge, or explore the recently created High Lane, an old abandoned railway line in Chelsea that has been converted into a public park and decorated with gardens and art installations.

2. San Francisco

Romantic hotels: 36

Couples attractions: 330

Romantic dining: 253

Proposal Rank /10: 4.76

San Francisco comes runner-up in our US list of romantic cities and is undoubtedly one of America’s most romantic locations. There are a million ways to woo your sweetheart in the city, with its rolling hills, endless views, and architectural wonders. Everything from San Francisco’s Mediterranean climate to the exquisite food and wine found in the city spells a truly romantic afternoon.

3. Los Angeles

Romantic hotels: 28

Couples attractions: 241

Romantic dining: 391

Proposal Rank /10: 4.35

Los Angeles offers some truly unique beach day experiences where you can sit back, relax, and watch beautiful sunsets or even surprise your partner with an impromptu surf lesson. This city is also well known as home to a number of celebrities, and if that’s your thing you can book a wide variety of celebrity tours around the city, and even visit your favorite locations from the movies.

The most Instagrammable cities to propose in

1. Toronto – 39,547 Posts

Toronto, the capital city of Canada, takes the top spot for most Instagrammed proposals with almost 40,000 posts with the hashtag TorontoProposal. Toronto isn’t widely known as one of the world’s romance capitals, but with so many couples sharing their proposals online there must be love in the air.

2. Paris – 31,847 Posts

Winning a second runner-up title is Paris, with over 30,000 proposal hashtags on Instagram. With so many public proposal posts, it’s easy to see why Paris is famous for romance.

3. Miami – 21,673 Posts

Miami Beach is a destination that offers breathtaking vistas, gorgeous views, and international flavors. The city is overflowing with natural beauty and has had over 20,000 proposals shared on Instagram.


We made a list of the 50 most visited cities from Euromonitor International. Exploring TripAdvisor, we then recorded the number of restaurants, hotels, and attractions for each city, filtered by romantic and good for couples. Instagram hashtags were also recorded for all cities on this list. Hashtags for “City”+Proposal were searched and recorded to give an idea of how many proposals were being shared on Instagram from each city.

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