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Prescription drug savings from Amgen

Prescription drug savings from Amgen

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Medically reviewed by Navin Khosla, BPharm and written by Rajive Patel, BPharm - Updated on 7 Dec 2023
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OverviewIntroduction to Amgen SupportPlusTypes of Amgen Patient Assistance ProgramsEligibility Criteria for Amgen Patient Assistance ProgramsAdditional InformationMedications Covered by Amgen SupportPlusPersonalized Patient SupportAccessing Amgen SupportPlusContacting Amgen SupportPlusConclusionSources

We will explore the various prescription drug support programs offered by Amgen Inc, a leading biotechnology company. Amgen’s SupportPlus program aims to provide personalized assistance to eligible patients and healthcare professionals, ensuring access to vital medications while minimizing financial burden. We will delve into the different medications covered by the program, eligibility criteria, and the process of accessing prescription drug savings.

Introduction to Amgen SupportPlus

Amgen SupportPlus is a comprehensive patient and healthcare professional support program offered by Amgen. This program aims to provide guidance, resources, and financial assistance to individuals using Amgen medications. The program is designed to address the challenges patients face in accessing and affording their necessary medications, ensuring they receive the best possible care.

Amgen SupportPlus offers personalized support tailored to the unique needs of each patient. Whether you require assistance with insurance coverage, copay assistance, or access to additional resources, Amgen SupportPlus is here to help. This support program is available for patients and healthcare professionals, ensuring a seamless experience for all parties involved.

Types of Amgen Patient Assistance Programs

Amgen offers several patient assistance programs, each with its eligibility criteria. These programs include:

  • Amgen Safety Net Foundation
    • Provides access to Amgen medications at no cost for eligible uninsured or underinsured patients
    • Eligibility criteria include income, insurance status, and residency
  • Neulasta® Onpro® Co-pay Program
    • Assists eligible commercially insured patients with their out-of-pocket costs for Neulasta® Onpro®, a medication used to reduce the risk of infection during cancer treatment
    • Eligibility criteria include insurance coverage, income, and medication-specific requirements
  • Amgen FIRST STEP™ Program
    • Offers eligible uninsured patients access to Amgen medications at no cost
    • Eligibility criteria include income, insurance status, and residency
  • Amgen Safety Net PLUS Program
    • Provides eligible uninsured patients access to Amgen medications at no cost
    • Eligibility criteria include income, insurance status, and residency

Eligibility Criteria for Amgen Patient Assistance Programs

To qualify for Amgen patient assistance programs, individuals must meet specific eligibility criteria. These criteria may vary depending on the program. Let’s explore the common eligibility requirements for these programs:

Income Criteria

Amgen patient assistance programs primarily aim to support individuals with limited financial resources. Therefore, income criteria are an essential factor in determining eligibility. Patients must meet specific income guidelines set by each program. These guidelines take into account factors such as family size and household income. It’s crucial to review the income requirements for each program to determine eligibility.

Insurance Coverage

While some Amgen patient assistance programs target uninsured individuals, others are designed to assist those with insurance coverage. Eligibility criteria may require patients to have limited or no prescription drug coverage through their insurance plans. Patients must provide documentation to prove their insurance status and coverage limitations.

Certain Medicare Part D patients with product coverage who cannot afford their out-of-pocket costs may be eligible. It is required that you can demonstrate:

  1. Your inability to afford the prescription medicine
  2. Your ineligibility for Medicaid or Medicare’s low-income subsidy (Extra Help)
  3. You have satisfied all payer guidelines and Prior Authorization (PA) requirements before applying for assistance
  4. You do not have any other financial support options


Amgen patient assistance programs are typically available to residents of the United States or its territories. Patients must provide proof of residency, such as a valid driver’s license or utility bill, to establish eligibility.

Medication-Specific Requirements

Certain Amgen patient assistance programs have medication-specific requirements. For example, the Neulasta® Onpro® Co-pay Program focuses specifically on supporting patients prescribed Neulasta® Onpro®. To be eligible, patients must meet the insurance coverage, income, and medication-specific requirements outlined by the program.

Additional Information

It’s important to note that each Amgen patient assistance program may have specific details and requirements beyond those mentioned in this guide. To ensure you have the most accurate and up-to-date information, visit the official Amgen website or contact their patient assistance program representatives directly.

Medications Covered by Amgen SupportPlus

Amgen SupportPlus covers a wide range of medications used to treat various conditions:

Personalized Patient Support

Amgen SupportPlus offers personalized support to patients, recognizing that each individual’s needs and circumstances are unique. When you become a part of the Amgen SupportPlus program, you gain access to a range of resources and services designed to make your healthcare journey more manageable. Here are some key features of the program:

  • Insurance Coverage Assistance: Navigating insurance coverage can be a complex process. Amgen SupportPlus provides guidance and assistance in understanding your insurance coverage, ensuring you have access to the medications you need without unnecessary delays or hurdles
  • Copay Assistance: Medication costs can be a significant burden for patients, especially for those with chronic conditions requiring ongoing treatment. Amgen SupportPlus offers copay programs to help alleviate some of the financial strain associated with prescription medications
  • Educational Materials: Understanding your condition and treatment options is essential for effective self-management. Amgen SupportPlus provides educational materials and resources to empower patients with knowledge, enabling them to make informed decisions about their healthcare
  • Referral to Support Organizations: Amgen SupportPlus can connect you with support organizations and advocacy groups specific to your condition. These organizations can provide additional resources, information, and a community of individuals facing similar challenges

Accessing Amgen SupportPlus

Accessing Amgen SupportPlus is a straightforward process. Whether you are a patient or a healthcare professional, you can easily connect with the Amgen to avail of its program benefits. Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Patient/Caregiver Access: If you are a patient or a caregiver seeking support for yourself or a loved one, visit the Amgen SupportPlus patient portal to explore the available resources and access personalized assistance.
  2. Healthcare Professional Access: Healthcare professionals play a vital role in the treatment and care of patients. Amgen SupportPlus offers dedicated resources and support for healthcare providers. Visit the Amgen SupportPlus healthcare professional portal to access these resources and provide your patients with the best possible care.

Contacting Amgen SupportPlus

If you have any specific questions or require further information about Amgen SupportPlus or the medications covered by the program, Amgen’s dedicated support team is ready to assist you. Here’s how you can get in touch:


Prescription drug savings can make a significant difference in the lives of patients, ensuring access to vital medications without facing exorbitant costs. Amgen SupportPlus offers comprehensive support to patients and healthcare professionals, helping them navigate the complexities of insurance coverage, copay assistance, and access to educational resources.

By covering a wide range of medications, including those used to treat kidney disease, cancer, bone loss from chemotherapy, osteoporosis, and rheumatoid arthritis, Amgen SupportPlus ensures that patients have access to the care they need. The program’s personalized approach and commitment to patient well-being make it an invaluable resource for individuals seeking prescription drug savings.

If you or a loved one are using Amgen medications, consider exploring the Amgen SupportPlus program to access your support and resources. With Amgen SupportPlus in your corner, you can focus on your health and well-being, knowing that your medication needs are being taken care of.


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