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US Vaccination Report

US Vaccination Report

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Updated on 28 Feb 2024

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Despite constant advancements in medicine, thousands of Americans are hospitalized yearly for flu-related illnesses. While it is possible to acquire treatments from a pharmacy online, the prevention of diseases and infections is the goal of medical professionals.

Vaccinations have protected us from diseases for centuries, but which US states are making the most of immunizations? To reveal the vaccination capitals of the US, we have gathered data on the most recent vaccination coverage across the country for COVID-19, tetanus, and influenza. Here’s what we found.

Vermont is crowned as the vaccination capital of the US, with an overall score of 9.92 /10

We have taken a range of immunization data from both adults and children and normalized these figures to give each US state an overall vaccination score out of ten. Below is a list of areas with the best vaccination score.

Vermont is proclaimed the vaccination capital of the US with a perfect score of 10 in the report.

1. Vermont – 9.92 /10 overall vaccination score

With an overall vaccination score of 9.92 /10, Vermont takes the top spot on our list. Some factors that make up this impressive score include an adult tetanus vaccination coverage of more than 80% and a child influenza coverage of 0.62%, both of which are the highest of any entry in our top three for their respective categories.

2. Massachusetts – 9.06 /10 overall vaccination score

Massachusetts has the second-highest overall vaccination score on our list, totaling 9.06 /10. Recent data reveals that more than 72% of adults in this state have received an up-to-date tetanus vaccine, and 90.2% for adult COVID-19 vaccination coverage.

3. New Hampshire – 8.78 /10 overall vaccination score

New Hampshire completes our top three with a vaccination score of 8.78 /10. Despite not having the highest overall score, this US state has a more considerable adult tetanus vaccination coverage than any other entry in our top three, totaling 81.1%, which has largely contributed to its position on our ranking.


States in the US with the highest overall vaccination score.


Mississippi has an overall vaccination score of 0.90 /10, lower than any other US state

We have revealed the US states with the overall highest vaccination figures, but which areas are home to the fewest vaccinations? Here’s what we found.

Mississippi has a vaccination score of 39% higher than any other US state, according to a report.


1. Mississippi – 0.90 /10 overall vaccination score

Mississippi is revealed as having the lowest overall vaccination score of all the US states. Contributing to this area’s 0.90 /10 score is a child influenza coverage of just 0.23% and the fact that less than 6% of children are vaccinated against COVID-19 in Mississippi.

2. Georgia & Louisiana – 1.14 /10 overall vaccination score

The US states of Georgia and Louisiana both have an overall vaccination score of 1.14 /10, the joint second-lowest of any state in America. Both areas have a vaccination coverage of 0.35% regarding child influenza. In addition, Georgia and Louisiana have a tiny quantity of COVID-19 child vaccination coverage, totaling 6.2% and 3.2%, respectively.

4. Alabama & Wyoming – 1.35 /10 overall vaccination score

Alabama and Wyoming complete our top three US states with the lowest overall vaccination score. These states both have a reasonably high coverage for adult tetanus vaccinations, totaling 61.2% and 69.9% for Alabama and Wyoming, respectively. Despite these figures, these two states have an overall vaccination score of just 1.35 /10.


Report on US states with the lowest overall vaccination score.


More than 92% of adults in Vermont have received an up-to-date COVID-19 vaccine, the highest percentage of any US state

As well as providing you with an overall vaccination score, we wanted to break each factor into its own ranking. The following table reveals the US states with the highest adult COVID-19 vaccination coverage.


Report: More adults in Vermont have received the up-to-date Covid vaccine.


1. Vermont – 92.3% of adults covered

Regarding adults in Vermont, 92.3% have received an up-to-date COVID-19 vaccination, the highest percentage of any US state. Those who have received the COVID-19 vaccination will have the best protection against the disease, and it is estimated that one immunization can be effective for at least a few months.

2. Hawaii – 90.8% of adults covered

Next on our list of US states with the highest COVID-19 vaccination coverage is Hawaii. During the pandemic, it was reported that this island state had the lowest case rate across the US, and it appears that the adults here are still taking this disease seriously, evidenced by the vaccination coverage of 90.8% as of 2024.

3. Virginia – 90.7% of adults covered

Virginia is completing our top three list of US states with the highest COVID-19 adult vaccination coverage. Despite missing out on the top spots, most adults here have an up-to-date vaccine, with a percentage total of 90.7%.



With a vaccination coverage of more than 62%, Vermont has a higher adult influenza immunization rate than any US state

The following ranking concerns the rate of influenza vaccinations in each US state, revealing those areas with the highest adult coverage as of 2024.


A bar chart in the US report depicts how states with vaccination coverage above 75% tend to have a higher adult influenza rate.


1. Vermont – 62.2% of adults covered

As of 2024, Vermont is home to America’s highest adult influenza vaccination coverage. Recent figures show that flu-like illnesses are minimal in Vermont, and the 62.2% adult vaccination coverage in this area has likely contributed to this.

2. Maine – 57.6% of adults covered

Of all the US states, Maine has the second-highest adult vaccination coverage for influenza, totaling 57.6%. Even though influenza can be contracted all year round, the largest spikes of this virus usually occur between December and February in the US. Because of this, it may come as no surprise that people all over the country have been protecting themselves against the flu.

3. Massachusetts – 57.2% of adults covered

Despite having one of the highest ratios of doctors to residents in the US, the people of Massachusetts are taking no chances when it comes to influenza. As of 2024, the influenza vaccination coverage was just over 57%, the third-highest of every US state.


US states with the highest percentage of influenza vaccination coverage for adults.


Maine has the most extensive adult tetanus vaccination coverage of any US state, totaling 81.5%

Tetanus vaccines can be given in four different forms. However, the following ranking concerns the vaccination coverage of Tdap, which covers tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis, and the booster shot named Td. Here’s what we found.


Maine has the most extensive adult vaccination coverage of any US state.


1. Maine – 81.5% of adults covered

Making its second appearance in one of our rankings is Maine, this time being revealed as the US state with the most significant percentage of adults covered by the Td or Tdap vaccinations. According to the most recent figures, more than 81% of adults here have received an up-to-date vaccination for this infection.

2. New Hampshire – 81.1% of adults covered

With 81.1% of adults covered by the Td or Tdap vaccinations, New Hampshire appears second on our list. New Hampshire was recently revealed as having one of the best healthcare performances for prevention and treatment, and this is further evidenced by the state’s position on our ranking.

3. Vermont – 80.8% of adults covered

Vermont may be one of the smaller US states based on population and area, but it appears that the residents here aren’t taking any risks when it comes to tetanus. Of all the adults in this state, 80.8% have received their Tdap vaccine and/or the Td booster as of 2022.

The report shows that the US has the highest vaccination coverage for adults.


Oregon has seen a 19.77% increase in tetanus vaccination coverage, the most significant change of any US state

Fortunately, the number of reported tetanus cases has hugely decreased over the last few decades, and vaccinations have played a massive part in this. Bearing this in mind, which US states have seen the biggest increase in vaccination coverage over the last ten years?


Oregon has seen a 77% increase in tetanus vaccination coverage, according to a report from the US.


1. Oregon – 19.77% change in tetanus vaccination coverage

Since 2013, Oregon has seen the most considerable increase in tetanus vaccination coverage of every US state, totaling 19.77%. As well as having the biggest increase in tetanus vaccination coverage since 2013, Oregon has the highest vaccination coverage for 2022 of all our top three entries.

2. Idaho – 19.17% change in tetanus vaccination coverage

Next on our list is the US state of Idaho. This state might not have the current most extensive vaccination coverage for tetanus. Still, it is undoubtedly heading in the right direction, with a 19.17% increase in adults receiving the relevant vaccines.

3. Wyoming – 17.88% change in tetanus vaccination coverage

With an increase of 17.88% in tetanus vaccination coverage, Wyoming completes our top three. In 2013, figures showed that 59.3% of adults in Wyoming had an up-to-date tetanus vaccine, which has increased to 69.9% in 2022.

The US state with the biggest change in tetanus vaccination coverage between 2020 and 2021 was reported.



We used CDC to find the ‘up to date’ COVID-19 vaccination coverage of adults for each US state as of 2024.

We used CDC to find the ‘up to date’ COVID-19 vaccination coverage of children for each US state as of Feb 2024.

We used CDC to find the influenza vaccination coverage of adults for each US state as of Feb 2024.

We used CDC to find the influenza vaccination coverage of children (6 months-17 years) for each US state as of Dec 2023.

We used CDC to find the tetanus vaccination coverage (Td or Tdap) of 18-49-year-olds in each US state for 2013 and 2022.

We used the vaccine-related factors (adult and child COVID-19 vaccination coverage, adult and child influenza coverage, and tetanus vaccination coverage) and normalized each factor out of 10 before taking an average of those scores to get our overall vaccination score for each US state.

We subtracted the tetanus vaccine coverage in 2022 from the 2013 figure before dividing this number by the 2013 coverage to calculate the change in tetanus vaccines over the last ten years for each US state.


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