Virtual Health Services

Virtual Health Services

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NowPatient is the UK’s only certified and pharmacist-led video consultation service. As a NowPatient user, you will have access to your own team of clinicians. What’s more, you can specify the gender and language of the clinician before you book your consultation.

Our service is built using secure video technology that allows you to access healthcare services with a clinician in real-time, FREE of charge.

How does the video consultations feature work?

Our clinicians are able to offer a number of clinical services to you, ranging from giving you advice about your medications and what to do if you miss a dose, to general advice on healthy living. We even provide NHS services at a distance, via virtual consultations, such as stop-smoking clinics, New Medicines Service (NMS), Pharmacy First, pharmacy contraception service, travel health advice, weight management advice, and medication reviews. It’s all designed to save you time, money, and inconvenience. So, there may be no need to visit your doctor or pharmacy.

The video consultation feature is the ‘glue’ that forms the basis of the NowPatient service.

You can interact with the feature from one of two pathways:

  1. Where you book an appointment

  2. Where we approach you, because we feel that you would benefit from advice or certain services

How to book an appointment

Step 1

Select the Virtual Health Services feature from the features page on your account

NowPatient's Virtual Health Services on the features page
Step 2

Select the purpose of the consultation, for example, ‘General query’

NowPatient's Virtual Health Services
Step 3

Filter through clinicians

You will be shown a list of clinicians who are trained to deal with your query, along with their time and date availability. You can also filter by gender and language.

NowPatient's Virtual Health Services showing clinicians to be filtered
Step 4

Book your consultation

Select the clinician you would like to book and add a summary of your health concerns. Then confirm the booking.

NowPatient's Virtual Health Services consultation booked
Step 5

You will be sent a notification for the confirmed booking and a reminder just before the consultation is due to start

You can also view the appointment booking on the ‘Upcoming For Me’ section of the dashboard or add the event to your digital calendar of choice.

NowPatient's Virtual Health Services notification

When we approach you

NowPatient continuously assesses your health risks, using data. If we find that you may benefit from a service, we will reach out to you or send you a message.  If you wish to accept the invitation, then simply follow the steps shown above.

We may reach out in cases where we feel our clinicians can offer valuable advice on medication usage, and medication review, or to provide services like the New Medicines Service, Weight Management Advice, and Stop Smoking Advice. Our goal is to ensure we are proactive in the management of your health.

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People also asked

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NowPatient is a licensed online pharmacy and doctor service that is available around the world. Our service is FREE and packed with useful features that can benefit your health like medication reminders, medically approved symptoms checker, UK NHS online pharmacyprivate treatment plansRx Advantage cardhealth conditions informationgenetic testinghome test kitshealth riskspollen meterair quality monitor, and lots more!

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We are here to improve lives. Our service gives you access to smart features and resources that can help empower you to take control of your health and improve your health outcomes. All this, in one place, for FREE. We strive to bring a fresh perspective to managing health. NowPatient can be accessed by downloading the App or using your web browser.

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